My Fave Things 39


Happy Jamhuri Day folks!

We have to take time to appreciate those who risked their  lives for  our country’s independence. Given what is curently happening around the world, we should never take for granted the simple pleasures, like the freedom of movement, speech…well you get the idea. For me,  I am done with  semester 1 of graduate school, I will get to share with my experience over the next few days. So I am spending what’s left of 2014, assessing and plotting for 2015.

As you continue to enjoy  this long weekend,  here are list of lists to keep you busy:

How to eat on a healthy budget (Levo League)

How to stop having awful Mondays (The Muse)


On Failure and Self-Acceptance

Yesterday, I  listened to one  of  the most powerful Lively Shows  in its 48-episode history.

Jess Lively  interviewed Brooke White, a former contestant on Season 7 of American Idol. Brooke talks about  exploring her musical talent, hairdressing  among  other things.  I don’t want to preempt  this  episode. You just have to listen for yourself.

Missed past episodes? You can browse the archives here or start with my personal faves:  Erin Loechner, Amber Housely, Noah Kagan, Eric Williams. (And no, I am not  Jess Lively’s brand ambassador.)

This  quote sums up  Brooke’s message:

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